DEVI - Documentation

Help and introduction

By default, the bot uses devi: as command prefix. This means that commands are invoked like so: devi:command arguments....

In below documentation, all commands will be listed with default command prefix. Arguments will be listed as <argument>, denoting required argument; <argument...> denoting required catch-all argument (i.e. one that can take more than one value). Optional arguments will be denoted using [argument] and [argument...] for single and catch-all optional arguments. When typing commands, you must omit the <> and [] parts, meaning that if a command is denoted as devi:command <argument 1> [argument 2], you use it as devi:command value1 value2 or devi:command value1. If you want to pass an argument that contains spaces, wrap it in "", for instance: devi:command "value for argument 1" will invoke devi:command with a single argument, value for argument 1. This is not required for catch-all arguments. For instance, if a command is declared as devi:echo <message...>, you can invoke it as devi:echo Hello, this is a message with spaces!.


Bot control


Quoting and evaluation


Emoji utilities


Chat utilities