My projects

Here you can find an assorted collection of my projects. I still try to maintain or contribute to most of them, as time permits.

My current project


Clyde.NET is an unofficial Discord API wrapper for .NET Core. It aims to provide a rich feature set, and a different approach to making API wrappers than both DSharpPlus and Discord.NET.

The library is in continuous development, and I'm always looking for ways to improve it. I want to provide a powerful, yet flexible Discord API wrapper for small and large applications alike.


Other projects I maintain or contribute to



DSharpPlus is an unofficial Discord API wrapper for .NET, originally forked from DiscordSharp. It's an alternative to Discord.NET, which provides a simples, if less mature, API.

I have made major updates to the library, both its internals, and the external API. I drastically improved its build/publish pipeline, redesigned its docuemntation, and provided many examples of usage in major .NET languages. I am currently one of top contributors, and I continue to implement fixes and improvements.



Discord.NET is an unofficial .NET wrapper of the Discord API, created by RogueException. It is built around the .NET Standard, and thus can run on .NET Framework, .NET Core, or many other .NET plaftorms.

I made some contributions to the project, among them small bug fixes, or minor API updates.

Rainbow 6: Strat Roulette

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I designed, and developed a companion application for Rainbow 6: Siege. The application allows you to randomize various aspects of your gameplay, such as operators or recruits to play, their loadouts, and strategies to follow.

.NET Operator List


A rather satirical project, it's an implementation of a Python-like collection that can be manipulated using standard C# operators, such as +, -, and so on.

Reusable .NET Components


A collection of reusable components I use in my various .NET projects.

IL Abuse


Projects which abuse the .NET's Intermediate Language, to achieve fun, and sometimes ludicrous, results. There's currently not much there, as I haven't had much time to update it.