My projects

Here you can find an assorted collection of my projects. I still try to maintain most of them, as time permits.

My current project


DSharpPlus is an unofficial .NET wrapper for the Discord API, forked from DiscordSharp. It's an alternative to Discord.NET. In comparison, it's not as mature, but much simpler to use.

I have made major updates to the library, both its internals, and the external API. I am currently one of top contributors, and I continue to implement fixes and improvements.


Other projects



OwO.NET is a small wrapper for OwO What's This file upload and link shortening API. It's compatible with .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Standard 1.1+.

OwO.NET also offers a .NET Core command-line utility for both uploading files and shortening links.

Examples for DSharpPlus


I made 4 example bots for DSharpPlus library, using C#. They present different aspects of the library, as well as how to put them to use.



Discord.NET is an unofficial .NET wrapper of the Discord API, created by RogueException. It is built around the .NET Standard, and thus can run on .NET Framework, .NET Core, or many other .NET plaftorms.

I made some contributions to the project, among them small bug fixes, or minor API updates.

.NET Operator List


A rather satirical project, it's an implementation of a Python-like collection that can be manipulated using standard C# operators, such as +, -, and so on.



An example F# bot for DSharpPlus. This was an experiment, which turned out rather well.

ListenBot translation


I made the original polish translation for ListenBot by bippum.

.NET MicroLogger


A tiny logger for .NET Standard and PCL. It's not really meant to be a fully-featured interface, but a tiny library meant to be used in smaller projects.

IL Abuse


Projects which abuse the .NET's Intermediate Language, to achieve fun, and sometimes ludicrous, results.