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About me

Hello, random internet stranger! I am Emzi0767 (or just Emzi), a programmer, book reader, sci-fi fan, and Master of Science. If you want to contact me, check out the contact information at the bottom.

I have 21 years of experience in messing with computers, 16 of which were spent messing with .NET Framework. My primary language is C#, secondary is Python. I'm also fluent in SQL (mostly Postgres, SQLite, and MSSQL flavours), Java, Kotlin, VB.NET, PHP, JS, LUA, CSS, HTML. On top of that I am decent with C, C++, and F#. I also know small bits of x86, x64, ARMv7, and ARMv8 Assembly. I also have experience resurrecting dead Windows installations.

Insofar as platforms go, I have experience developing for .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET Standard, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Android, and Xamarin. I have even published an application to Google Play Store.

In fact, if all you're looking for is my portfolio, I suggest you take a gander at my portfolio.

Although I do my day-to-day stuff on Windows, I prefer GNU/Linux for actual deployments. I have experience messing around with Kubernetes, Docker and BSD Jails. In fact, majority of my infrastructure runs as containers, with varying degree of deployment automation.

I love Open Source and Free Software. My to-go license is AGPL 3.0. Though I used to dislike GPL, preferring Apache License 2.0, MIT, or BSD licenses instead, recent events have made me reconsider my stance. During the course of my programming career, I have contributed (and still do contribute!) to several Free Software and Open Source projects.

I also like playing with hardware, and networks. I currently own a Raspberry Pi model B, Raspberry Pi 2 model B, and Arduino MEGA 1280 (the old one). I never throw computers away, instead repurpose them and make them fulfill specific tasks in my little Internet of Things. I like decentralizing things, breaking things, fixing things. I prefer building my desktops, and Thinkpads for my laptops.

If you need something done, and think that I am the right person for the job, you can contact me using one of the methods at the bottom of this page to discuss details. I generally don't take long to respond (unless, for some reason, your mail gets stuck in the spam filter, or looks like generic recruitment mass emails) and let you know if I am interested.

Although it may sound cheesy, my favourite sci-fi franchises are Star Wars and Star Trek, though I also find Dune to be a very interesting universe. I also love reading fantasy and science fiction books, Brandon Sanderson being one of my favourite authors. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy shall also always have a special place in my heart. Outside of computers, and reading, I know how not to burn my house down when cooking and how to keep my stuff clean.

I'm an extremely pedantic perfectionist, I always organize things in a very specific manner. All pens on my desk are perfectly parallel to each other and to the desk's edge, my USB drives are placed in a single box on my desk. My code reflects that, always being organized in a manner which makes it clear what goes where and does what.

I also own a cat, and he's the cutest little thing. You can find some pictures of him over here. He's addicted to humans, loves cuddling, and sleeping on and around people.

Most importantly, however, I always know where my towel is. My favourite beverage is Earl Grey tea.

In case you were wondering, yes, I do maintain this website (the copyright in the footer is not generated automatically).

Contact information

If you seek to contact me, there are 2 best ways of doing so.

My email: Just take my full nickname. Email itself is hosted by Google, so you can guess the second half. I can receive and send GPG-encrypted and signed mail. My key is available on the landing page.
IRC: I go by Emzi0767 on irc.emzi0767.com (TLS required). Join #general-chat upon connecting or message me directly, if the matter is sensitive. I tend to stay away from the large networks, so don't seek me there.
I can arrange alternate forms of contact in some scenarios, but to do so, you should contact me via one of the above first.

Other than that all the significant links were listed in the aforementioned portfolio and the footer.